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Target GMAT score

Thursday 12 July 2018

Hello one and all! I’m digging into the GMAT right now and I had a few questions / concerns.

I’ve taken two practice tests Before I started studying I took the practice test for the first time and my score was 540. This was a bit of blow to my self esteem to be honest. I did really poorly on the quantitative. I put in about 2 weeks of study time mostly in quant and took the practice test again and my score was 600. That was a bit more heartening but still lower than I’d like for my target schools (Ross, Krannert, Broad).

At this point I’m willing to put in more study time but I’m trying to determine how much is too much so to speak. I am an older applicant (turned 32 last month). My work experience will be more established and longer than most of the other admitted students at these schools. My main question is should I shoot for the stars (700+ on the GMAT), which would require a significant investment of time at this point and maybe even paid tutoring? Or can I rely on my work experience a bit to help me out in the application process? I think I could probably fairly easily get my score to 640-660 with another couple weeks of study.

Appreciate any advice or experiences in this area.

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